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Do not fear leaving behind…

…the familiar. Go forth. Explore!

Many times, personal growth can happen when we leave the familiar and dive head in into strange experiences.  It may be scary and uncomfortable, but those are usually signs that we should do it, we should go for it. The things we can learn through those experiences are priceless and can lead to some incredible self discoveries.

And the best part about this – you don’t have to leave your city(though seeing a completely different culture is also beneficial). Just go to a different part of town, go somewhere you’ve never been before, try a new activity you’ve never done before, a new food you’ve never tasted…The possibilities are endless, if only you are willing!

Go forth!



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Bluebonnet Fields of Happiness

Come with me my dear,

I want to feel you ever near

In the Bluebonnet fields of




Artist in a Business Suit.

I’ve always been fascinated with the creative process. How does it happen? What triggers it? How does it evolve? I love getting into a creative flow where I lose track of time and everything around me. Creating is so innate to humans, to all of us. It is not specifically reserved for artists. And I do believe that anyone can be an artist in their own way.

We are all creations in some way…and that is why we have the yearning to keep creating. Creation is movement, which is action, which is growth.

I broke the rule. This notecard is actually composed of two pieces. And this is pretty much what I feel that goes on inside of my mind when my brain is firing ideas. 🙂

Stay creative and inspired,



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“Live Every Week Like It’s Shark Week!”

Direct quote from Tracy, in the TV show 30 Rock.

Dedicated to Craig Bowie.


Get excited! A new day! A new chance to do something amazing! A new opportunity to put a smile on someone’s face, to help someone in need, to celebrate yourself and the courage within you.


Life is beautiful! Rejoice in the present moment; let it overwhelm you.


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Surrender to Spring – the rebirth of beauty.

Forget yourself in the melting sunsets of warm days.

You are the  whisper of the wind.

You are the majestic branches of the tree.

You are the birds that soar into the multi-colored skies of your city.

Let spring inside your soul.

Let your inner world mirror the outside beauty that overwhelms you to the point of tears and beyond.




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The music of your soul –

– let it out – share it with the world.


The melody that is written within the fibers of your soul belongs to you. But the willingness to share it with others will surprise you. Share and create a bond.

Be authentic.

Kindly dedicated to Tasya Fernandez.

External pressure may cause us to lose track of authenticity, to conform, to hide. But we must not forget that there is subtle strength in being absolutely true to yourself and others. Yes, there is even courage in vulnerability, because so many are not capable of that.

Be authentic. Be true to yourself. Though difficult, it is the ultimate goal.