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Comments on: "Sit. Have a cup of tea with me." (8)

  1. I’d love to have a cup of tea with you! I’m going to enjoy another cup right now. 🙂

    • OléVolta said:

      oh! What kind of tea are you having? 🙂 I’m having some jasmine pearls + peach 🙂

      • Earlier, I had some green tea with mandarin orange flavor. I’m about to have another cup. Your tea sounds so exotic – what does it taste like? 🙂

      • OléVolta said:

        Yum!! Sounds delicious!! Mine tastes like peaches with a hint of jasmine! Currently hooked on it 😀

  2. Beautiful and delicate illustration. And it’s not a bag of tea but a bag of love!

  3. this must be that special cup of love-tea that has some of the lemon in it? So that one does not forget the price of sweetness….

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