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Write love letters to yourself.

Because you’re beautiful and you, more than anyone else, deserve your own love and respect.

Love and Namaste,



Trust your intuition.

Trust your intuition. Trust your gut.

I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of how, we as humans, can just “feel” when something is amiss, or when something awesome is about to happen.

It’s almost impossible to describe and reason through it, but it’s this force that’s there. If you listen to it, it will never fail you. And I guess the less you think about it and the more you give in to it, the better it works!

I didn’t know what would have awaited me in Dallas when I decided to move across states. But something told me it was going to be good. That inner feeling, scary, but exciting, living within me. I knew to trust my intuition, and I’ve never been happier with my decision.

For some reason I think of cats as being very intuitive. Do you guys have any ideas as to why? Can’t really explain it, but it seems about right.


Trust your intuition! Go forth!



Celebrate learning.

Learning is awesome! I always try to take up on any opportunity where I can learn new things. Be it a new language, a new culture or some technical skill, I’m on it!

One of the reasons why life is beautiful is because of all the things we can learn. All experiences, good or bad, teach us something valuable. They give us more ways of connecting with people, more ways of truly bonding with someone.

And the fun thing about learning is that there is no end to it. You can always learn something new, something enriching, something exciting, or something important.

I’m a huge fan of learning! I hope you are too!

What are some recent things that you have learned?

I actually learned from experience that I enjoy doing a race with obstacles. 🙂 Can’t wait to do some more of those!

Love and Namaste,





Celebrate your inner child.

Celebrate your inner kid!

Fly a kite!

Get a dinosaur egg and watch it grow!

Play hide and seek!

Splash someone you know with water!

Visit a playground!

Draw! Paint!


It’s ok to listen to your inner child. It’s ok to celebrate youth no matter how old you are!



What’s something that you did recently to satisfy your inner child?

I went to fly a kite. 🙂




Celebrate the success of others.

Celebrate the success of others, because there’s enough to go around for everyone. If you are willing to get the work done, that is.

Today, I want to celebrate the success of one of my favorite modern photographers, Brooke Shaden. I am actually a conceptual photographer myself, so it is a passion that is very near and dear to my heart. Brooke is incredibly talented in her concepts and execution of ideas. Her Photoshop skills will also blow your mind. I admire her for sticking to her passion and her dream and making something amazing out of it. She travels the world, gives lessons, shares her inspirations and creative writings. She is absolutely genuine and a beautiful soul, and that’s easy for anyone to see.

So I celebrate her success because she has worked hard at something that was important to her heart, her soul.

Recognize and celebrate someone else’s success today. It feels good. It’s inspiring and makes you want  to keep going. If they can do it, who says that you can’t?

Love and Namaste,



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Celebrate bacon! (bonus!)

Because why not? BACON IS DELICIOUS!!!


Celebrate your Failures.

Celebrate your failures, because every time you fail, you learn something. Failing is just part of the process to getting somewhere that you want to go. It’s an opportunity in disguise; an opportunity to learn and try again and try better next time.

I’ve been a bit under the weather these past two days, and hence no postings. And in a way it was a failure for me, because I set out on a goal to post every workday, no matter what. I could have just posted a blank notecard with some text on it, to represent failure. But it wouldn’t be trying. And I wanted to try my best, given the circumstances, to illustrate this concept. And perhaps I failed again, but at least there was action behind it.

Being someone who always wants to succeed and suffering from a mild case of perfectionism, I have struggled admitting and even embracing failure. It is a long journey, but I am aware and I would rather celebrate my actions, rather than wallow in regret.

Don’t be harsh on yourself. Failure is part of the process. Celebrate it.


Part of my  “Celebration Series”.