Moving The World Perpetually

Your passion is a bird, so let it soar. Your passion yearns to be let out; it yearns freedom; it seeks ways to manifest. Like a bird who hates being caged, your passion can’t stand the idea of being buried deep within your world.

Dismiss your passion and you dismiss the vitality that your soul craves for.

To be passionate is to be alive, to feel that incredible natural high, only possible to those who dare.

What’s something you’re passionate about?


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Comments on: "Lack of passion is a lack of life." (13)

  1. This is great! I am passionate about teaching kids & writing!

  2. apenjiyeva said:

    Love your work! Your note card made my day! Let the day begin as I share my passion with others and learn about theirs.

  3. apenjiyeva said:

    Passionate about young adults who are trying to get an education and reach their full potential. It’s fun 🙂 what is yours?

    • OléVolta said:

      Absolutely! That is an awesome passion to have! Among many other things, I’m passionate about bonding with people through various mediums. 😀

  4. Yes my passion has come back, am painting again. Everything is grand

  5. I love your note cards – I’m always looking forward to your posts!! Cheers! Karen

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