Moving The World Perpetually

(Things I learned in Yoga Class)


Self-acceptance is one of the most important aspects that leads to happiness.  It does not mean that you stop working on becoming a better person. It just means that you are OK with where you are at this point in life. At this given point, you are enough and the small steps you take are also enough.

I am learning self-acceptance in my yoga class at Sunstone. I’m learning that it takes time to get each pose right; it takes a lot of patience. I am guilty of getting excited about one thing and wanting to become an expert at it right away. But few things happen that way…And honoring yourself wherever you are at that point is especially important.

Give yourself credit for your hard work, whatever your dream may be. Congratulate yourself for taking those baby steps in the direction of soul-fulfillment.

Focus on your own journey and realize that it might take some time, some effort, some patience. And you will be victorious, you will be accomplished.

I ask again: what is something that you are working on or have worked on in the past and it took a great deal of perseverance and patience?




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Comments on: "Wherever you are, accept yourself." (2)

  1. i’m much of a black/white person and def. don’t honor the way in between two points enough…so thanks for the reminder to accept and be relaxed and happy with the small steps..

    • OléVolta said:

      My pleasure, Claudia. I totally understand…happens to me as well, but I am learning to make a habit of it – reminding myself that it is ok.

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