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We are beautifully imperfect souls.

And that’s ok.


We aren’t perfect. Never were, never will be.


Appreciate what you are right now. Appreciate the place where you are right now.

Appreciate yourself. Appreciate others.

Perfectionism can turn into a controlling monster. Don’t become its victim.

We are all beautiful in our own unique and special ways.


Love always and Namaste,



Your lips contain the poetry…

…that is released in your kiss.


Love always and Namaste,


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Create your own gold stars.

One of the things I’ve been struggling with ever since graduating college was the idea of rewards. I have gotten so used to being constantly rewarded for my efforts (studying) with gold stars (grades) that being out of that environment has left me feeling often unfulfilled and unsatisfied.

I never realized that I actually relied heavily on my grades as a sense of achievement and progress. In my mind, getting good grades meant that I was moving towards something –  I was receiving that gratification from my hard work. And because that was happening constantly, my mind has gotten into that vicious habit of always expecting some sort of external validation.

I entered my professional life with this unrealistic habit and I found myself completely unprepared for the lack of “grades” or “pats on the back” for my work, and I mean any type of work. I didn’t feel like I was moving anywhere with my small business idea, even though I made some sales with my designs. It didn’t feel like an achievement when working for one of the biggest advertising agencies right out of college. There was nobody to give me an “A” anymore, and that hurt…that hurt me deeply.

It took some tough love and a lot of sense talked into me to realize that from now on I am in charge of my own rewards, I am in charge of creating my own gold stars. I am the master of my destiny, the hero of my own story.


There will always be people that praise you, that adore you. But there will also be people that will ignore you and dislike you. Relying on external validation is a sure path to true unhappiness, because when those external factors are really gone, so is your true essence. By creating your own gold stars you decide upon your achievements, even if a lot of times they are subtle and not at all tangible.


Did you muster up the courage to talk to someone you’ve always admired?

– Yes. You get a gold star.

Did you do one more push-up than usual today because you could?

– Yes. You get a gold star.

Did you smile at someone who was disrespectful and accepted their rudeness as something you cannot change?

– Yes. You get a gold star.

Did you face your fear of driving on the highway?

– Yes. You get a gold star.

Did you move across states to start a new life in a city where you don’t know anyone?

-Yes. You get a gold star.

Did you find the courage to voice a need that was important to you?

-Yes. You get a gold star.

Did you listen to a friend in need?

– Yes. You get a gold star.

Did I express all that I wanted to express?

-Yes. I get a gold star.

What’s the gold star you achieved today? 🙂

Love always and Namaste,



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Sometimes there’s poetry in silence.


My best friend and biggest supporter (and also my most favorite person in the whole world) said that I shouldn’t add any words to this notecard. 🙂 So I didn’t.

For you, Daniel.

Love always and Namaste,


Practice random acts of kindness.

Share a smile with someone who is having a bad day.

Hug away today’s worries.

Surprise a loved one with flowers for no reason.

Sponsor an up-and-coming artist.

Share an experience with a long distance friend.

Buy a cup of coffee or tea for a stranger.

Write a “thank you” letter to someone who inspires you to be the best version of yourself.

Send a postcard to a friend who lives in the same city/area as you.

Remind someone that you are always there for them.


Practice random acts of kindness and it will transform you from within.

Don’t hold back.

Share freely, without reservations.

The positive force you set forth will come back to reward you. 🙂

Love always and Namaste,


We’ll always have our Texan sunsets…

…and I will always remember the poetry you made me feel.

Happy Birthday, USA!

Happy Birthday USA!

So thankful for all the people that I ever met and all the opportunities I have due to this country. 🙂

Thank you!