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I am dedicating this post to perhaps my greatest influence in watercolor painting – Hugo Pratt.

I used to dislike and even hate painting in watercolors. For the longest time I knew that I would never touch watercolors if I had the choice. It was just too messy of a medium and I wanted to have more control over my art.

When I was traveling through Paris, a dear friend of mine took me to see Hugo Pratt’s exhibit. I wasn’t very familiar with his works at that point, but welcomed a cultural and artistic experience none the less. I was so incredibly impressed and absolutely inspired with his style of comic book painting, that I knew I couldn’t wait to get to set of watercolors to begin my own journey with this medium.

I fell in love with Pratt’s work and his most recognized comic book hero, Corto Maltese (pictured in the notecard above) – a witty and utterly charming sailor-adventurer.


“For me, my travels have been the chance to go to a place that already exists in my imagination.”
Hugo Pratt


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