Moving The World Perpetually

Texas is…

…the vastness that you feel driving through it.

…feeling insignificantly small next to the immense overpasses.

…the taste of mud and the excitement of a 5k run.

…learning how to be yourself among new people.

…holding hands and looking into the same direction.

…throwing tomatoes and also being covered in colors.

…delicious Vietnamese, Indian, home-grown Spiceman’s cuisines.

… wondrous buildings filled with art and culture.

…kindness of friends, filled with smiles or tears just alike.

…roller coasters, hot dogs, and first impressions.

… Bollywood dancing, country dancing,  living room dancing, gangnam style in the bathroom dancing.

…a deeper awareness, an attack on insecurities, healing, acceptance.

…fun co-workers turned into friends.

…camping, and hiking, and natural beauty and wanderlust.

Texas is you. Texas is me.

Texas is both of us.


Today makes 1 year since the best decision I have made in my adult life: moving to Dallas, TX.


Love always & Namaste


Comments on: "Texas is…" (2)

  1. Nice poem and card – Texas is an amazing place if you will let it.

    thanks for sharing.

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