Moving The World Perpetually

balloon thank you

Dear reader/viewer/friend:

Thank you,

from the bottom of my heart & soul,

for allowing me and my art into your world.

I truly appreciate it, always.


[Note]: As a way to give thanks to you, I will be giving away single-sheet calendars with one of my notecards on it. If you would like one for the new year, simply leave a message on here or email me at olesea{at}olevoltaphotography{dot}com. I will be happy to mail you a little present as a way to thank you for your precious attention.

Love always & Namaste,


Comments on: "dear you, thank you. [present giveaway]" (6)

  1. I want one!

    Wilson Franklin
    PO Drawer 550
    Camp Hill, AL 36850

  2. I would love one 🙂 I am amazed by all your notecards. I don’t comment often, but I always seem them on my blog feed!

  3. I would love one! I always enjoy reading your notecards 🙂

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