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Find that which terrifies you…

..and then go for it.


Often times we are scared to pursue something because we fear the outcome. Some of us fear the success…some of us fear the failure.  Fear often immobilizes us, leaving us at a standstill. But fear is also a great indicator of some thing’s significance. If we find something that we fear, it means it’s important to us, it means that there is something incredible at stake. And those are precisely the things worth pursuing.

The things that terrify you – go forth, conquer them. For, by conquering your fears  you break the mold, you become remarkable.

Go forth. Conquer your fears. Be the difference.

Love always & Namaste,



We built our starry night.


We built our starry night

kiss by kiss,

embrace by embrace.


This is my most humble homage to one of the greatest artists that ever walked the Earth –  Vincent Van Gogh.

I had the incredible opportunity to visit the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam during my last trip, and that experience has left me utterly inspired.

I have never been so deeply perturbed and affected by an artist before. Seeing  the fantastic collection of Van Gogh’s works made me feel his struggle and his pains. It is as if his paintings revealed his genius and madness in anxious brush strokes that so violently caressed the canvases: every painting with its own glory and its own struggle.

A very inspiring lesson that I’ve learned from his life was that Vincent painted only during the last ten years of his life. That short amount of time  left us with incredibly emotional and haunting artwork to admire and derive our inspirations from.

What would you leave behind if you were to count your last 10 years of life?

Love always and Namaste,


Practice random acts of kindness.

Share a smile with someone who is having a bad day.

Hug away today’s worries.

Surprise a loved one with flowers for no reason.

Sponsor an up-and-coming artist.

Share an experience with a long distance friend.

Buy a cup of coffee or tea for a stranger.

Write a “thank you” letter to someone who inspires you to be the best version of yourself.

Send a postcard to a friend who lives in the same city/area as you.

Remind someone that you are always there for them.


Practice random acts of kindness and it will transform you from within.

Don’t hold back.

Share freely, without reservations.

The positive force you set forth will come back to reward you. 🙂

Love always and Namaste,


Happy Birthday, USA!

Happy Birthday USA!

So thankful for all the people that I ever met and all the opportunities I have due to this country. 🙂

Thank you!

Write love letters to yourself.

Because you’re beautiful and you, more than anyone else, deserve your own love and respect.

Love and Namaste,


Trust your intuition.

Trust your intuition. Trust your gut.

I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of how, we as humans, can just “feel” when something is amiss, or when something awesome is about to happen.

It’s almost impossible to describe and reason through it, but it’s this force that’s there. If you listen to it, it will never fail you. And I guess the less you think about it and the more you give in to it, the better it works!

I didn’t know what would have awaited me in Dallas when I decided to move across states. But something told me it was going to be good. That inner feeling, scary, but exciting, living within me. I knew to trust my intuition, and I’ve never been happier with my decision.

For some reason I think of cats as being very intuitive. Do you guys have any ideas as to why? Can’t really explain it, but it seems about right.


Trust your intuition! Go forth!



Celebrate learning.

Learning is awesome! I always try to take up on any opportunity where I can learn new things. Be it a new language, a new culture or some technical skill, I’m on it!

One of the reasons why life is beautiful is because of all the things we can learn. All experiences, good or bad, teach us something valuable. They give us more ways of connecting with people, more ways of truly bonding with someone.

And the fun thing about learning is that there is no end to it. You can always learn something new, something enriching, something exciting, or something important.

I’m a huge fan of learning! I hope you are too!

What are some recent things that you have learned?

I actually learned from experience that I enjoy doing a race with obstacles. 🙂 Can’t wait to do some more of those!

Love and Namaste,