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i have an appetite for city.

i have an appetite for city

what do you have an appetite for?


Notecard inspired by the quote “i have an appetite for city” from the amazing writer Nikki, over at ALT+POP. Check out her delicious writing, full of wit and pop culture.

Love always & Namaste,


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act more. over-think less.

take action; act more

act more.

over-analyze less.


It’s been a while.

I’ve got a million and one excuses for why I’ve been absent, but the truth is that I spent a lot of time over-thinking many things.

“Is this what I want?”

“Is this the right path?”

“What if there’s a better alternative?”

“It’s not good enough, so is it still worth doing?”

We often fall victims to thinking too much and doing less. Questioning has its place and time, but it can often stop us from doing.

Even if you have your doubts and fears – act.

Even if you are happy or sad – act.

Act more, plan less.

Tired of your current profession?

Seek other opportunities.

Thinking about starting a new venture?

Make the first step.

Have a novel you want to release to the world?

Write the first sentence. 


Thank you for your precious attention. Look back on Thursday, to meet someone special. 🙂

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Too many.

Too many words seep through my fingers. I cannot hold them back. I cannot.

I speak to the Texan winds.

I speak to the tall skyscrapers piercing those multi-colored skies.

I speak to the water that is moved, ever so subtly.

I speak…



An ode to Amsterdam

a fresh breeze and your curly hair,
bikes all around commanding streets,
and parks and canals.

explosion of taste buds and crisp blue skies hung above us
adventures, and laughter followed our steps.
my feet grew tired,
but there’ was more left to conquer.

We got lost dancing in the streets of Dallas…

Among the thousands of people there was only you.


I actually had the opportunity to dance in the streets of Dallas on St. Patrick’s day. Can’t think of a better venue. 🙂



Embrace the present moment  – that’s all you ever possess.

I dare you to DREAM.

Kindly dedicated to Lauren McCall.


I dare you to dream! Dream big!

If you don’t dream big, nobody else is going to do it for you.

People are at their happiest when they are working towards something. Having dreams means that you pledge to follow them and you get giddy with excitement when you realize that you are one step closer with each action you take.

Dare to dream! Dare to follow your dreams! Find the courage!

Take a leap forth – a worthwhile risk that will respond to your soul’s desire.


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