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When in doubt…coffee.

Dedicated to all my lovely readers who are coffee junkies :D.


A prose-like ode to Coffee.

I love the intoxicating smell of coffee beans, of freshly brewed coffee being poured into your cup. A cup of coffee is like jolts of sunshine filling you inside out.

Oh the caffeine.

Oh the energy.

Oh the (few hours later) caffeine crash.

All are beautiful aspects of this lovely experience called – coffee.

Can you ever go wrong with a vanilla cream coffee? What about a simple, yet significant dark roast? Or an espresso?

When in doubt…grab yourself a cup and indulge in the warmness and tantalizing smell and taste of this lovely (socially acceptable drug) drink.


I used to drink coffee daily, and chug it at that without savoring it. But for about a month now, I have significantly decreased my intake. It really makes a difference when I particularly need the caffeine. And it makes me appreciate and enjoy it so much more when I just have it occasionally. 🙂

What’s your favorite drink in the morning? And if it is coffee, what kind? 🙂


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