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times are hard for dreamers…

times are hard for dreamers

…and dreamers don’t give a damn.


Happy Monday! I hope this post finds you full of life and ready to take on this coming week.

This particular notecard was inspired by the memorable quote from the movie “Amelie“.

It also acts as a reminder that it is often tough for all the dreamers out there. But we mustn’t forget that difficulty and failure is part of the journey towards our dreams, towards happiness.

We must not give a damn about all the hardship we encounter . We must not give a damn about the people that will tell us that we can’t achieve our dreams.





So join me,

And together,

we’ll be unstoppable.

Love always & Namaste,


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we all have our own mountains to climb.

mountains watercolor



Heavy mountains they are,

High and low,

Treacherous and winding,


in this journey that we claim from birth.


It’s important to remember that we all have our own struggles and fears to overcome. It is far too easy to pass judgement on someone’s actions than it is to acknowledge that, perhaps, we don’t fully know everything that it takes to do a certain task.

One of my personal struggles is being gregarious in social interactions with new people. Sometimes I may come off as cold, but in reality I am just really shy when I first meet new people. My mountain is to overcome, or at least diminish this feeling of anxiousness and shyness. 🙂

Whatever your mountain may be, I am confident you can climb it. Imagine the glory of conquering it.

Can you taste it?

Can you feel it?

Happy New Year!

happy new year watercolor

Happy New Year!

May you make 2013 even better than this last year!
May you be filled with constant and intense inspiration that leaves you excited and thirsty for life.

Thank you for granting me your attention in 2012  – it means the world to me!


New year’s has always been one of my favorite time of the year. I love the feeling of starting something new.

I am filled with hope and excitement. I am up to the challenge to make this next year unforgettable.

I hope you are too!

See you on the other side. Party Hard!

Love always & Namaste,


PS: Below is a version for my family, who mostly speak  Russian. 🙂

с новым годом

define yourself.

define yourself. and then live up to it.


you are not your past’s mistakes and failures.

you are not your past’s bruised memories of broken dreams.

you are in charge of creating your own definition of self,

and that is your glory, that is your essence.

your definition of the self –

cherish it,

live it,

honor it.


So many times we get weighed down by our personal luggage of memories. We cling to a particular event of the past and thus are unable to move forward, to evolve.  Remember to define yourself not by what happened (especially if it is negative) but how you wish yourself to be. You have the choice. The time is right. Define yourself and live up to it.

PS: about the image: this notecard’s design is inspired by my favorite watercolor artist. Please check out her site, it will blow your mind, I promise!

Love always & Namaste,


Pledge allegiance to your soul.

Listen to the voice within.

Follow your dreams.

Surrender to your heart and the universe will reward you.

Pledge allegiance to respect your soul, wholly and always.


I’m back from a hiatus. Starting a new job and keeping up with the site seemed overwhelming and exhausting, so I wanted to step away from it for a while. Though, because I neglected a very important part of my soul, I struggled this entire time with my inner happiness and self-worth.

I relaxed. I stopped creating. I forgot my soul for a while and the results were heart-wrenching and extremely tiring. I kept telling myself that I was too tired to create, too tired to think of ideas, too tired to answer my soul’s desires. In return, I felt even more drained and lifeless.

But…it feels good to be back. And it feels good to have regained that part of me that for a while seemed to be so dormant.

I pledge allegiance to my soul.

And I hope you pledge allegiance to yours.

Love always and Namaste,


Dream BIG.

Tribute to Yuri Gagarin, first man to journey into outer space.


Dream BIG because nobody else is going to do that for you.


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Thank you for visiting and your support. Love and Namaste!

I dare you to DREAM.

Kindly dedicated to Lauren McCall.


I dare you to dream! Dream big!

If you don’t dream big, nobody else is going to do it for you.

People are at their happiest when they are working towards something. Having dreams means that you pledge to follow them and you get giddy with excitement when you realize that you are one step closer with each action you take.

Dare to dream! Dare to follow your dreams! Find the courage!

Take a leap forth – a worthwhile risk that will respond to your soul’s desire.


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