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be filled with love

loving heart

Be filled not with anger, or sadness, or hatred – be filled with love.


Love always & Namaste,



with you, I never have to worry about…

pillow fort blanket tent

With you, I never have to worry about

being too old

for pillow forts.

Happy Birthday, dear. 🙂

love always & Namaste,


we built our Moonrise Kingdom…

moonrise kingdom

…wrapped in happy songs and fearless dreams…


Inspired by this movie,which I hope you get to watch sometime :).

a great relationship is…

android couple

…the intersection of love and friendship.

if you have these two balanced out, you´re pretty lucky.

love always and Namasté,


you bring color to my world…

couple umbrella colors

…and I thank you for it.

Love always and Namasté,


Promise me we’ll never feel old.

Your lips contain the poetry…

…that is released in your kiss.


Love always and Namaste,


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