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monsieur le purrrr seeks a friend

monsieur le purrrr

monsieur le purrrr

loves bonding with kindred souls,

and mice.


monsieur le purrrr brings gifts

monsieur  le purrrr the cat


monsieur le purrrr takes pride in his findings.

and sometimes,

he even shares them with those he loves.



Love always & Namaste,


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monsieur le purrrr & his adventure


monsieur le purrr

loves adventurrrre.


Love always & Namaste,


meet monsieur le purrrr


monsieur le purrrr is a very particular cat.

He loves to wear his red bow-tie for no absolute reason.

He also enjoys occasional walks around the neighborhood, among other forms of entertainment.


Happy Friday Eve, folks!

Love always & Namaste,