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Be kind to others.

But most importantly – yourself.


Image inspired by the great desire to see Morocco and experience its colorful culture.

Love always and Namaste,



We built our starry night.


We built our starry night

kiss by kiss,

embrace by embrace.


This is my most humble homage to one of the greatest artists that ever walked the Earth –  Vincent Van Gogh.

I had the incredible opportunity to visit the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam during my last trip, and that experience has left me utterly inspired.

I have never been so deeply perturbed and affected by an artist before. Seeing  the fantastic collection of Van Gogh’s works made me feel his struggle and his pains. It is as if his paintings revealed his genius and madness in anxious brush strokes that so violently caressed the canvases: every painting with its own glory and its own struggle.

A very inspiring lesson that I’ve learned from his life was that Vincent painted only during the last ten years of his life. That short amount of time  left us with incredibly emotional and haunting artwork to admire and derive our inspirations from.

What would you leave behind if you were to count your last 10 years of life?

Love always and Namaste,


Too many.

Too many words seep through my fingers. I cannot hold them back. I cannot.

I speak to the Texan winds.

I speak to the tall skyscrapers piercing those multi-colored skies.

I speak to the water that is moved, ever so subtly.

I speak…



An ode to Amsterdam

a fresh breeze and your curly hair,
bikes all around commanding streets,
and parks and canals.

explosion of taste buds and crisp blue skies hung above us
adventures, and laughter followed our steps.
my feet grew tired,
but there’ was more left to conquer.

Homage to Hugo Pratt (Corto Maltese)

I am dedicating this post to perhaps my greatest influence in watercolor painting – Hugo Pratt.

I used to dislike and even hate painting in watercolors. For the longest time I knew that I would never touch watercolors if I had the choice. It was just too messy of a medium and I wanted to have more control over my art.

When I was traveling through Paris, a dear friend of mine took me to see Hugo Pratt’s exhibit. I wasn’t very familiar with his works at that point, but welcomed a cultural and artistic experience none the less. I was so incredibly impressed and absolutely inspired with his style of comic book painting, that I knew I couldn’t wait to get to set of watercolors to begin my own journey with this medium.

I fell in love with Pratt’s work and his most recognized comic book hero, Corto Maltese (pictured in the notecard above) – a witty and utterly charming sailor-adventurer.


“For me, my travels have been the chance to go to a place that already exists in my imagination.”
Hugo Pratt


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Poetry is anywhere you are willing to look.

In the forests.

In the stars.

In someone’s smile.

In your arms.

Poetry is everywhere.

Take a chance to see it.

Sometimes there’s poetry in silence.


My best friend and biggest supporter (and also my most favorite person in the whole world) said that I shouldn’t add any words to this notecard. 🙂 So I didn’t.

For you, Daniel.

Love always and Namaste,