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act more. over-think less.

take action; act more

act more.

over-analyze less.


It’s been a while.

I’ve got a million and one excuses for why I’ve been absent, but the truth is that I spent a lot of time over-thinking many things.

“Is this what I want?”

“Is this the right path?”

“What if there’s a better alternative?”

“It’s not good enough, so is it still worth doing?”

We often fall victims to thinking too much and doing less. Questioning has its place and time, but it can often stop us from doing.

Even if you have your doubts and fears – act.

Even if you are happy or sad – act.

Act more, plan less.

Tired of your current profession?

Seek other opportunities.

Thinking about starting a new venture?

Make the first step.

Have a novel you want to release to the world?

Write the first sentence. 


Thank you for your precious attention. Look back on Thursday, to meet someone special. 🙂

Love always & Namaste,


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dear you, thank you. [present giveaway]

balloon thank you

Dear reader/viewer/friend:

Thank you,

from the bottom of my heart & soul,

for allowing me and my art into your world.

I truly appreciate it, always.


[Note]: As a way to give thanks to you, I will be giving away single-sheet calendars with one of my notecards on it. If you would like one for the new year, simply leave a message on here or email me at olesea{at}olevoltaphotography{dot}com. I will be happy to mail you a little present as a way to thank you for your precious attention.

Love always & Namaste,


if at first you don’t succeed…

sleeping woman

..take a nap and try again.


Naps are awesome and I highly recommend them to everyone. 🙂

love always & Namaste,


embrace your inner nerd.

green android

…because if you know more than the average person about a particular topic – you are a nerd 🙂

and being a nerd is awesome.


love always & Namasté,


allow yourself to feel.

autumn leaf

No matter what it is you are feeling – anger, sadness, or joy –

allow it,

don’t suppress it.

Let it live its course,


it will promptly let you be.

Love always & Namasté,


One can never have too much zest in life.

zesty orange


It’s the brand new start of a new day, absolutely unique, absolutely yours.

Live with zest!

Seek out and embrace those who beam with enthusiasm.

Become infected with unbridled energy.

Be joyous. Be yourself.

Love always & Namasté,



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if you’re happy or sad: carry on.

Something I have come to face recently: being happy or sad sometimes tends to stop me in my tracks of my personal progress and development. I believe it necessary to rest up and take breaks, however oftentimes those resting periods may last longer than needed. It also happens that we tend to attach emotions to our actions and may just not “feel like it”. Waiting for that glorious moment of “yes, let’s kick some ass” is a waste of time and results in feeling lazy and unaccomplished.

If you’re happy or sad – just keep doing what you set out to do. Especially when feeling down, take time to honor that emotion, and then work on carrying on with your tasks. Perseverance pays off and you will soon see a change in yourself, I promise.

Love always & Namaste,


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