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act more. over-think less.

take action; act more

act more.

over-analyze less.


It’s been a while.

I’ve got a million and one excuses for why I’ve been absent, but the truth is that I spent a lot of time over-thinking many things.

“Is this what I want?”

“Is this the right path?”

“What if there’s a better alternative?”

“It’s not good enough, so is it still worth doing?”

We often fall victims to thinking too much and doing less. Questioning has its place and time, but it can often stop us from doing.

Even if you have your doubts and fears – act.

Even if you are happy or sad – act.

Act more, plan less.

Tired of your current profession?

Seek other opportunities.

Thinking about starting a new venture?

Make the first step.

Have a novel you want to release to the world?

Write the first sentence. 


Thank you for your precious attention. Look back on Thursday, to meet someone special. 🙂

Love always & Namaste,


PS: I’ve been active on instagram. Join me! 🙂


Celebrate your Failures.

Celebrate your failures, because every time you fail, you learn something. Failing is just part of the process to getting somewhere that you want to go. It’s an opportunity in disguise; an opportunity to learn and try again and try better next time.

I’ve been a bit under the weather these past two days, and hence no postings. And in a way it was a failure for me, because I set out on a goal to post every workday, no matter what. I could have just posted a blank notecard with some text on it, to represent failure. But it wouldn’t be trying. And I wanted to try my best, given the circumstances, to illustrate this concept. And perhaps I failed again, but at least there was action behind it.

Being someone who always wants to succeed and suffering from a mild case of perfectionism, I have struggled admitting and even embracing failure. It is a long journey, but I am aware and I would rather celebrate my actions, rather than wallow in regret.

Don’t be harsh on yourself. Failure is part of the process. Celebrate it.


Part of my  “Celebration Series”.