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“show up, show up…”

show up, and the muse will, too

“…show up, and after a while the muse shows up, too.” – Isabel Allende


As artists, sometimes we find it hard to keep creating. We may be having a bad day, we may be tired from other responsibilities, or simply lack any sort of inspiration to create. Those periods usually lead to stagnation and overall lack of liveliness. It is imperative to remember that more often than not, emotion follows action. If we take a simple step towards our creative work, and then another one, pretty soon we will encounter our personal muse and the work we create will be fulfilling.

I believe it is the same for any kind of artist – be it in the classroom,or  in the kitchen, in an office room,or  in a library…

Any work worth pursuing can be considered art, and even though we may not always be inspired to do it, sometimes half of the job is just showing up.

Love always & Namaste,


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Homage to Hugo Pratt (Corto Maltese)

I am dedicating this post to perhaps my greatest influence in watercolor painting – Hugo Pratt.

I used to dislike and even hate painting in watercolors. For the longest time I knew that I would never touch watercolors if I had the choice. It was just too messy of a medium and I wanted to have more control over my art.

When I was traveling through Paris, a dear friend of mine took me to see Hugo Pratt’s exhibit. I wasn’t very familiar with his works at that point, but welcomed a cultural and artistic experience none the less. I was so incredibly impressed and absolutely inspired with his style of comic book painting, that I knew I couldn’t wait to get to set of watercolors to begin my own journey with this medium.

I fell in love with Pratt’s work and his most recognized comic book hero, Corto Maltese (pictured in the notecard above) – a witty and utterly charming sailor-adventurer.


“For me, my travels have been the chance to go to a place that already exists in my imagination.”
Hugo Pratt


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Artist in a Business Suit.

I’ve always been fascinated with the creative process. How does it happen? What triggers it? How does it evolve? I love getting into a creative flow where I lose track of time and everything around me. Creating is so innate to humans, to all of us. It is not specifically reserved for artists. And I do believe that anyone can be an artist in their own way.

We are all creations in some way…and that is why we have the yearning to keep creating. Creation is movement, which is action, which is growth.

I broke the rule. This notecard is actually composed of two pieces. And this is pretty much what I feel that goes on inside of my mind when my brain is firing ideas. 🙂

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