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you make my soul soar: re-visited in animArt

airplane flying



you make my soul soar.

overflown with wonder and your essence,

you make my soul soar,


into the big skies above.




Happy Friday Eve, my dears!


I wanted to animate this particular notecard and re-visit it because I am so fond of planes and the idea of flying. I also wanted you to stop for a moment and think about a person in your life that has made your soul soar; has made you absolutely inspired and determined to go for that dream that you were hesitant about.

Was it one of your parents?

Was it a sibling?

A significant other?

A close and dear friend?

Perhaps it was a teacher  – a person with a most noble profession – that inspired you to no end to reach for the sky and know no limits to your dreams or potential.

Who’s the last person that made you feel infinite and daring to march on?

Maybe…maybe that person was yourself :).


Love always & Namaste,



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Tribute to Yuri Gagarin, first man to journey into outer space.


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Lack of passion is a lack of life.

Your passion is a bird, so let it soar. Your passion yearns to be let out; it yearns freedom; it seeks ways to manifest. Like a bird who hates being caged, your passion can’t stand the idea of being buried deep within your world.

Dismiss your passion and you dismiss the vitality that your soul craves for.

To be passionate is to be alive, to feel that incredible natural high, only possible to those who dare.

What’s something you’re passionate about?


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I dare you to let your Soul soar.

Hearing the birds fly over me, I wished to join them.

I craved to soar and let my body dissolve into the sunsetting sky.

I yearned to drown in the intoxicating sense of freedom.