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blue skies are calling…

sky silhouette

… all that’s missing is you.


Love always & Namaste,


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if at first you don’t succeed…

sleeping woman

..take a nap and try again.


Naps are awesome and I highly recommend them to everyone. 🙂

love always & Namaste,


Celebrate your inner child.

Celebrate your inner kid!

Fly a kite!

Get a dinosaur egg and watch it grow!

Play hide and seek!

Splash someone you know with water!

Visit a playground!

Draw! Paint!


It’s ok to listen to your inner child. It’s ok to celebrate youth no matter how old you are!



What’s something that you did recently to satisfy your inner child?

I went to fly a kite. 🙂




Surrender to Spring – the rebirth of beauty.

Forget yourself in the melting sunsets of warm days.

You are the  whisper of the wind.

You are the majestic branches of the tree.

You are the birds that soar into the multi-colored skies of your city.

Let spring inside your soul.

Let your inner world mirror the outside beauty that overwhelms you to the point of tears and beyond.




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