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you are full of wonder

creative brain

you are full of wonder.

look within

for clues and directions

to the wonderful self


you are.


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Love always & Namaste,



define yourself.

define yourself. and then live up to it.


you are not your past’s mistakes and failures.

you are not your past’s bruised memories of broken dreams.

you are in charge of creating your own definition of self,

and that is your glory, that is your essence.

your definition of the self –

cherish it,

live it,

honor it.


So many times we get weighed down by our personal luggage of memories. We cling to a particular event of the past and thus are unable to move forward, to evolve.  Remember to define yourself not by what happened (especially if it is negative) but how you wish yourself to be. You have the choice. The time is right. Define yourself and live up to it.

PS: about the image: this notecard’s design is inspired by my favorite watercolor artist. Please check out her site, it will blow your mind, I promise!

Love always & Namaste,


If you’re going through a dark forest…

…keep going. There’s light ahead, I promise.

Love always and Namaste,