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“show up, show up…”

show up, and the muse will, too

“…show up, and after a while the muse shows up, too.” – Isabel Allende


As artists, sometimes we find it hard to keep creating. We may be having a bad day, we may be tired from other responsibilities, or simply lack any sort of inspiration to create. Those periods usually lead to stagnation and overall lack of liveliness. It is imperative to remember that more often than not, emotion follows action. If we take a simple step towards our creative work, and then another one, pretty soon we will encounter our personal muse and the work we create will be fulfilling.

I believe it is the same for any kind of artist – be it in the classroom,or  in the kitchen, in an office room,or  in a library…

Any work worth pursuing can be considered art, and even though we may not always be inspired to do it, sometimes half of the job is just showing up.

Love always & Namaste,


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ANNOUNCEMENT: introducing the animArt

heart animart

IMG_0038_25per (1)

I would like to officially welcome you to a new dimension of NoteCard Poetry: animArt.

animArt – short for animated art, is a relationship fostered between classical art and digital technology; it is an attempt to combine two interests as a means to further creative exercise and inspiration.

In the next few posts I will be revisiting some of the older notecards by animating an aspect of the design.

I would love to hear from you and your opinion on animArt.

As always, thanks for giving me a read!

Love always & Namaste,


times are hard for dreamers…

times are hard for dreamers

…and dreamers don’t give a damn.


Happy Monday! I hope this post finds you full of life and ready to take on this coming week.

This particular notecard was inspired by the memorable quote from the movie “Amelie“.

It also acts as a reminder that it is often tough for all the dreamers out there. But we mustn’t forget that difficulty and failure is part of the journey towards our dreams, towards happiness.

We must not give a damn about all the hardship we encounter . We must not give a damn about the people that will tell us that we can’t achieve our dreams.





So join me,

And together,

we’ll be unstoppable.

Love always & Namaste,


PS: shameless plug: contact me directly for commissions, quote suggestions, collaborations, or just to say hello:)

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act more. over-think less.

take action; act more

act more.

over-analyze less.


It’s been a while.

I’ve got a million and one excuses for why I’ve been absent, but the truth is that I spent a lot of time over-thinking many things.

“Is this what I want?”

“Is this the right path?”

“What if there’s a better alternative?”

“It’s not good enough, so is it still worth doing?”

We often fall victims to thinking too much and doing less. Questioning has its place and time, but it can often stop us from doing.

Even if you have your doubts and fears – act.

Even if you are happy or sad – act.

Act more, plan less.

Tired of your current profession?

Seek other opportunities.

Thinking about starting a new venture?

Make the first step.

Have a novel you want to release to the world?

Write the first sentence. 


Thank you for your precious attention. Look back on Thursday, to meet someone special. 🙂

Love always & Namaste,


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Happy New Year!

happy new year watercolor

Happy New Year!

May you make 2013 even better than this last year!
May you be filled with constant and intense inspiration that leaves you excited and thirsty for life.

Thank you for granting me your attention in 2012  – it means the world to me!


New year’s has always been one of my favorite time of the year. I love the feeling of starting something new.

I am filled with hope and excitement. I am up to the challenge to make this next year unforgettable.

I hope you are too!

See you on the other side. Party Hard!

Love always & Namaste,


PS: Below is a version for my family, who mostly speak  Russian. 🙂

с новым годом

Practice random acts of kindness.

Share a smile with someone who is having a bad day.

Hug away today’s worries.

Surprise a loved one with flowers for no reason.

Sponsor an up-and-coming artist.

Share an experience with a long distance friend.

Buy a cup of coffee or tea for a stranger.

Write a “thank you” letter to someone who inspires you to be the best version of yourself.

Send a postcard to a friend who lives in the same city/area as you.

Remind someone that you are always there for them.


Practice random acts of kindness and it will transform you from within.

Don’t hold back.

Share freely, without reservations.

The positive force you set forth will come back to reward you. 🙂

Love always and Namaste,