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“show up, show up…”

show up, and the muse will, too

“…show up, and after a while the muse shows up, too.” – Isabel Allende


As artists, sometimes we find it hard to keep creating. We may be having a bad day, we may be tired from other responsibilities, or simply lack any sort of inspiration to create. Those periods usually lead to stagnation and overall lack of liveliness. It is imperative to remember that more often than not, emotion follows action. If we take a simple step towards our creative work, and then another one, pretty soon we will encounter our personal muse and the work we create will be fulfilling.

I believe it is the same for any kind of artist – be it in the classroom,or  in the kitchen, in an office room,or  in a library…

Any work worth pursuing can be considered art, and even though we may not always be inspired to do it, sometimes half of the job is just showing up.

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blue skies are calling…

sky silhouette

… all that’s missing is you.


Love always & Namaste,


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i have an appetite for city.

i have an appetite for city

what do you have an appetite for?


Notecard inspired by the quote “i have an appetite for city” from the amazing writer Nikki, over at ALT+POP. Check out her delicious writing, full of wit and pop culture.

Love always & Namaste,


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times are hard for dreamers…

times are hard for dreamers

…and dreamers don’t give a damn.


Happy Monday! I hope this post finds you full of life and ready to take on this coming week.

This particular notecard was inspired by the memorable quote from the movie “Amelie“.

It also acts as a reminder that it is often tough for all the dreamers out there. But we mustn’t forget that difficulty and failure is part of the journey towards our dreams, towards happiness.

We must not give a damn about all the hardship we encounter . We must not give a damn about the people that will tell us that we can’t achieve our dreams.





So join me,

And together,

we’ll be unstoppable.

Love always & Namaste,


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monsieur le purrrr brings gifts

monsieur  le purrrr the cat


monsieur le purrrr takes pride in his findings.

and sometimes,

he even shares them with those he loves.



Love always & Namaste,


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you are full of wonder

creative brain

you are full of wonder.

look within

for clues and directions

to the wonderful self


you are.


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Life is like a Ferris Wheel.

Highs and lows.

Happy. Sad.

The Ferris Wheel keeps on spinning…and spinning,

as long as you are willing to go on.

And succumb to the experience of life and

see the beauty of the journey.

Honor the way and it will honor you.


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