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blue skies are calling…

sky silhouette

… all that’s missing is you.


Love always & Namaste,


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dear you, thank you. [present giveaway]

balloon thank you

Dear reader/viewer/friend:

Thank you,

from the bottom of my heart & soul,

for allowing me and my art into your world.

I truly appreciate it, always.


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Love always & Namaste,


embrace your inner nerd.

green android

…because if you know more than the average person about a particular topic – you are a nerd 🙂

and being a nerd is awesome.


love always & Namasté,


you bring color to my world…

couple umbrella colors

…and I thank you for it.

Love always and Namasté,


One can never have too much zest in life.

zesty orange


It’s the brand new start of a new day, absolutely unique, absolutely yours.

Live with zest!

Seek out and embrace those who beam with enthusiasm.

Become infected with unbridled energy.

Be joyous. Be yourself.

Love always & Namasté,



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Too many.

Too many words seep through my fingers. I cannot hold them back. I cannot.

I speak to the Texan winds.

I speak to the tall skyscrapers piercing those multi-colored skies.

I speak to the water that is moved, ever so subtly.

I speak…



Poetry is anywhere you are willing to look.

In the forests.

In the stars.

In someone’s smile.

In your arms.

Poetry is everywhere.

Take a chance to see it.