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you make my soul soar: re-visited in animArt

airplane flying



you make my soul soar.

overflown with wonder and your essence,

you make my soul soar,


into the big skies above.




Happy Friday Eve, my dears!


I wanted to animate this particular notecard and re-visit it because I am so fond of planes and the idea of flying. I also wanted you to stop for a moment and think about a person in your life that has made your soul soar; has made you absolutely inspired and determined to go for that dream that you were hesitant about.

Was it one of your parents?

Was it a sibling?

A significant other?

A close and dear friend?

Perhaps it was a teacher  – a person with a most noble profession – that inspired you to no end to reach for the sky and know no limits to your dreams or potential.

Who’s the last person that made you feel infinite and daring to march on?

Maybe…maybe that person was yourself :).


Love always & Namaste,



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Promise me we’ll never feel old.

What you have within is enough.

Relax. You are enough.


So many times we base our sense of self worth on external factors. Our success, our achievements, our possessions, the people in our lives…It is easy to get lost in a wave of constant validation: and the more we get it, the more we seek it.

To escape this dangerous cycle we must look within. All that we will ever need, we already have.

We are filled with treasures. Just gotta look deep enough.




Love always and Namaste,


Pledge allegiance to your soul.

Listen to the voice within.

Follow your dreams.

Surrender to your heart and the universe will reward you.

Pledge allegiance to respect your soul, wholly and always.


I’m back from a hiatus. Starting a new job and keeping up with the site seemed overwhelming and exhausting, so I wanted to step away from it for a while. Though, because I neglected a very important part of my soul, I struggled this entire time with my inner happiness and self-worth.

I relaxed. I stopped creating. I forgot my soul for a while and the results were heart-wrenching and extremely tiring. I kept telling myself that I was too tired to create, too tired to think of ideas, too tired to answer my soul’s desires. In return, I felt even more drained and lifeless.

But…it feels good to be back. And it feels good to have regained that part of me that for a while seemed to be so dormant.

I pledge allegiance to my soul.

And I hope you pledge allegiance to yours.

Love always and Namaste,


Surrender to Spring – the rebirth of beauty.

Forget yourself in the melting sunsets of warm days.

You are the  whisper of the wind.

You are the majestic branches of the tree.

You are the birds that soar into the multi-colored skies of your city.

Let spring inside your soul.

Let your inner world mirror the outside beauty that overwhelms you to the point of tears and beyond.




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The music of your soul –

– let it out – share it with the world.


The melody that is written within the fibers of your soul belongs to you. But the willingness to share it with others will surprise you. Share and create a bond.

Listen to the voice within.

Do not dismiss your soul.

My dear readers,

 I love trees and I love painting them! To me, they are representative of so many incredible things. I like to think of them as a connection between the heavenly (skies) and the real (ground). It is a beautiful balance and a wonderful reminder that we should try to balance things in our lives.

Turns out yoga has a tree pose and it happens to be my favorite one! 🙂

So often we listen and observe the external world and do what others think we should do. We may silence our voice within, dismiss our dreams, but they will always be there, buried within the depths of our soul. The more we disregard our dreams, the unhappier we become. We may pretend on the surface that we are ok, that we will just settle for whatever we can get…but the soul always knows, it will always be aware of your unfulfilled and undisclosed desires.

Listen to the voice within,