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dallas skies are on fire.

 (click  “display images” to view notecard)sky on fire

dallas skies are on fire.

and i scream,

and shout,

and laugh out loud.

dallas skies are on fire,


just in my mind.


Where were you the last time you saw a beautiful sunset? Sunrise?

I’m lucky enough to witness quite a few when I head out to work in the morning, and when I get back home.

Love always & Namaste,


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if you’re happy or sad: carry on.

Something I have come to face recently: being happy or sad sometimes tends to stop me in my tracks of my personal progress and development. I believe it necessary to rest up and take breaks, however oftentimes those resting periods may last longer than needed. It also happens that we tend to attach emotions to our actions and may just not “feel like it”. Waiting for that glorious moment of “yes, let’s kick some ass” is a waste of time and results in feeling lazy and unaccomplished.

If you’re happy or sad – just keep doing what you set out to do. Especially when feeling down, take time to honor that emotion, and then work on carrying on with your tasks. Perseverance pays off and you will soon see a change in yourself, I promise.

Love always & Namaste,


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Become the Warrior

Become the Warrior you’ve always had within yourself.

Believe in your energy – those thousands of blinding suns that shine perpetually – they will guide you.




Your shine is contagious. Believe in it.


This post is kindly dedicated to my mentor and one of my best friends – J.O.B.

Love always and Namaste,


Let your sunshine out.

There’s a sun, an energy, within you. Share it with the world and it will multiply.


I love meeting and bonding with people. But I especially enjoy being around those who tend to match my energy level, where the exchange of enthusiasm and zest for life is mutual. I tend to make an effort to surround myself with such people. I hope you do too!


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Love and Namaste!

I dare you to let your Soul soar.

Hearing the birds fly over me, I wished to join them.

I craved to soar and let my body dissolve into the sunsetting sky.

I yearned to drown in the intoxicating sense of freedom.

Liberation through Knowledge