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Texas is…

…the vastness that you feel driving through it.

…feeling insignificantly small next to the immense overpasses.

…the taste of mud and the excitement of a 5k run.

…learning how to be yourself among new people.

…holding hands and looking into the same direction.

…throwing tomatoes and also being covered in colors.

…delicious Vietnamese, Indian, home-grown Spiceman’s cuisines.

… wondrous buildings filled with art and culture.

…kindness of friends, filled with smiles or tears just alike.

…roller coasters, hot dogs, and first impressions.

… Bollywood dancing, country dancing,  living room dancing, gangnam style in the bathroom dancing.

…a deeper awareness, an attack on insecurities, healing, acceptance.

…fun co-workers turned into friends.

…camping, and hiking, and natural beauty and wanderlust.

Texas is you. Texas is me.

Texas is both of us.


Today makes 1 year since the best decision I have made in my adult life: moving to Dallas, TX.


Love always & Namaste



Mixmaster Dreams of Texas

There’s grandeur.

There’s opulence.

And then there’s Texan highways.

These majestic structures struggle heavily under the crisp blue sky that so often sighs in awe.

Yield to the right of way of  these immense pillars of concrete.





Texan highways have a funny thing about them…they terrify me and also leave me in absolute awe at the same time.

I feel so small riding under the huge mixmasters, and I feel so grand when I am at the very top.

Love always & Namaste,







We’ll always have our Texan sunsets…

…and I will always remember the poetry you made me feel.

We got lost dancing in the streets of Dallas…

Among the thousands of people there was only you.


I actually had the opportunity to dance in the streets of Dallas on St. Patrick’s day. Can’t think of a better venue. 🙂



Embrace the present moment  – that’s all you ever possess.

Bluebonnet Fields of Happiness

Come with me my dear,

I want to feel you ever near

In the Bluebonnet fields of