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ANNOUNCEMENT: introducing the animArt

heart animart

IMG_0038_25per (1)

I would like to officially welcome you to a new dimension of NoteCard Poetry: animArt.

animArt – short for animated art, is a relationship fostered between classical art and digital technology; it is an attempt to combine two interests as a means to further creative exercise and inspiration.

In the next few posts I will be revisiting some of the older notecards by animating an aspect of the design.

I would love to hear from you and your opinion on animArt.

As always, thanks for giving me a read!

Love always & Namaste,



Artist in a Business Suit.

I’ve always been fascinated with the creative process. How does it happen? What triggers it? How does it evolve? I love getting into a creative flow where I lose track of time and everything around me. Creating is so innate to humans, to all of us. It is not specifically reserved for artists. And I do believe that anyone can be an artist in their own way.

We are all creations in some way…and that is why we have the yearning to keep creating. Creation is movement, which is action, which is growth.

I broke the rule. This notecard is actually composed of two pieces. And this is pretty much what I feel that goes on inside of my mind when my brain is firing ideas. 🙂

Stay creative and inspired,



If you are interested, for prints visit here (Free shipping worldwide, until Sunday). Thank you 🙂

Love is a balance…

…between attachment and freedom.

I dare you to let your Soul soar.

Hearing the birds fly over me, I wished to join them.

I craved to soar and let my body dissolve into the sunsetting sky.

I yearned to drown in the intoxicating sense of freedom.

Sit. Have a cup of tea with me.

Love yourself freely.

Your embrace feels like home. And I yearn for it.