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How To [Be a Happy Camper]

How to be a Happy Camper:

1. Bring matches/lighter for the fire

2. Include hot dogs in your diet (or vegetarian alternative)

3. Bring extra-large marshmallows

4. Lots of drinking water, especially during hot summer Texan days

5. Bring a tent and a mattress (better & cheaper than a sleeping bag)

6. Bug spray/sunscreen are essential

7. Wear comfy shoes for hiking and other shenanigans

8.  Bring a notebook to record funny stories about rowdy armadillos, or any fleeting poetic moments you may have

9. Come with wondrous eyes

10. Have you by my side


I just came back from my first camping trip. It was awesome and I can’t wait to go back. 🙂

Love always & Namaste,



If you’re going through a dark forest…

…keep going. There’s light ahead, I promise.

Love always and Namaste,


Poetry is anywhere you are willing to look.

In the forests.

In the stars.

In someone’s smile.

In your arms.

Poetry is everywhere.

Take a chance to see it.